The Adventure Girls go to Thunderbird Falls!

The Adventure Girls, Kalae and Mahana, were very excited because today would be their puppy’s’ first hike! Madame Curie, a mini goldendoodle, was finally fully *vaccinated! This meant that she had all her shots that would protect her from certain diseases that could be very dangerous to dogs! Prior to her getting the shots, theContinue reading “The Adventure Girls go to Thunderbird Falls!”

The Adventure Girls and their greatest adventure yet!

Kalae and Mahana were adventurers in the Last Frontier, their beautiful home state of Alaska. Everyday they used their imagination in the wild outdoors to discover old dinosaur bones hidden in their backyard or new dinosaur eggs about ready to hatch! They also enjoy incredible REAL-life adventures. They summited mountains and camped in the wilderness!Continue reading “The Adventure Girls and their greatest adventure yet!”