The Adventure Girls go to Thunderbird Falls!

The Adventure Girls, Kalae and Mahana, were very excited because today would be their puppy’s’ first hike! Madame Curie, a mini goldendoodle, was finally fully *vaccinated! This meant that she had all her shots that would protect her from certain diseases that could be very dangerous to dogs! Prior to her getting the shots, the girls were extremely careful about where they took their little puppy. They were eager to get her out to play outside – but they also exercised patience and knew that they had to wait until she was ready. They were so excited that the day was here!

“The most important part of the hike,” Kalae stated, “is the preparation!”

Since it was Madame Curie’s very first hike, Kalae and Mahana wanted to make EXTRA sure that they got everything ready that she would need. They had her leash to obey local leash laws, a special salve for the pads of her feet to prevent scratches, a water dish to make sure she stayed hydrated, treats to keep herenergized, and a raincoat and booties in case it rained.

Satisfied that they were TOTALLY prepared for anything – they head off on their hike! Today’s hike would be at Thunder Bird Falls!

It was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining. The leaves in the trees appeared to shimmer in the sunlight when a breeze blew through them.  There were only a couple clouds in the sky. The Adventure Girls explored the trees, plants, flowers, and mushrooms as they made their ascent.

Mahana started to get thirsty. She reached into her backpack for her *waterskin. Uh-oh. It wasn’t there! “Oh no,” she said to her sister. “I think I forgot my water!”

Kalae checked her pack. She had also forgotten to pack her water. The only water they had was for Madame Curie and she lapped away happily at her water.

They continued on their hike and Kalae got a little hungry. She wanted to have a snack. She checked her pack again – uh-oh. Her beef jerky wasn’t there. “Mahana, do you have a snack you can share with me?”

Mahana reached into her backpack again. She had also forgotten to pack a snack. She found an old unopened granola bar. “I can share this with you, Kalae.” And the two sisters split a bar in half. It wasn’t much, but it would have to do. The only treats they packed were for Madame Curie, who happily chomped on her healthy edible bone. Their tummies grumbled.

Do you remember those few clouds in the sky? Well, they wanted people to know they were there and they started sprinkling rain down. The girls got Madame Curie’s raincoat and booties and helped her into them. They then reached into their packs for their emergency rain poncho’s that they always kept in there for situations like this.

Uh-oh! They weren’t there. They probably took them out to make room for Madame Curie’s things!

Kalae and Mahana felt deflated, disappointed, and defeated. They thought they were so ready when they got prepared this morning, but it appears they only planned for what Madame Curie needed! They forgot about themselves. So now they were thirsty, hungry, cold, and wet. This was turning out to be a not so great hike.

Madame Curie barked at them and they looked towards her. “Oh Madame, we are just not in the mood to play right now,” Mahana told her sadly. “I don’t think we’ll finish this hike. We may have to go back.”

Madame barked again, this time dashing for their toes. The girls pulled their feet back, “What are you doing?” Kalae asked her.

Madame barked and tried to pull on her leash. She was trying to tell them something! So the girls followed her over the hill – and there they saw people that they knew! It was the Crusading Cousins! Ailani, Kai, Gabi, and Zoe! They were also hiking with their parents!

The kids greeted one another and shared their snacks and water. “It’s not like you guys to be unprepared!” Zoe said.

Gabi nodded, “You guys are always the ones who do the *backpack checklist before we leave!”

Kalae shook her head, “Not today guys. I think we were just so excited to get out here with Madame Curie that we failed to check our packs.”

With wide eyes Mahana said, “We won’t make that mistake again!”

Ailani and Kai looked in their backpacks and found extra rain poncho’s. Kai handed them to his cousins, “Here, put these on!” Now everyone was suited up and ready for the weather!

Kalae said, “I’m so glad you guys were all here!”

“It’s always better with friends,” Ailani told her.

Together they happily continued on the rest of their hike. They jumped into the hollow tree, balanced on the fallen log, and marveled at the waterfall at the bottom! Even though it started to rain, it was a great hike and Madame Curie really enjoyed being a part of the Adventure Girls and exploring the great state of Alaska!

Some definitions

*vaccination – A vaccination is a treatment that produces immunities to certain diseases and protects from certain illnesses.

* Water skin –

*Backpack preparedness checklist

There are different essentials for different kinds of hikes. You really have to identify they kind of hike you are going on.

Type of hike: short day hike, long day hike, an overnight hike, or a several nights hike

What kind of terrain? Rocky, muddy, icy, forest

Will the hike be: Easy, moderate, or difficult

What will the weather be like? Sun, rain, snow, fog

For an easy, short day hike, the girls typically pack the following:

·         Water

·         Snacks

·         Mosquito spray

·         Bear spray

·         First aid kit


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